23 jul. 2009

Videoreseña de SHERLOCK

Un filler, conocido antes como DER PLUMPSAC, para activar la memoria, para chicos y no tan chicos. Reseña de 5 minutos.

Lo encontré buscando los mejores juegos para niños, que pudieran jugar también los adultos.
Particularmente determinante fue la opinión de uno de mis GB:

My favorite Kids Games that are good for Adults. | BoardGameGeek
"Who's the creepiest? Who's the scariest?

That's right!
I'm not a big fan of memory games, but for some reason this works, and works well. It is a great bar game. With a few in you this game gets hilarious.
The reason it works so well for me is that in addition to just being a memory game this is a spacial relationship game. This game is all about figuring out the combos that get you the prized piece of junk that you need.
Our favorite part of the game is when someone stalls out, and we tell them what strange item isn't under the card. "It isn't deep disheartening dispair. It isn't global hunger. It isn't contemplating the infinite"
We play with an odd number of cards in the ring to prevent even movement flip-flopping. If you haven't played this, you have know idea what I'm talking about, but trust me, remember this mantra... "Odd Number Ring".

Sitio en Internet, aquí.

Videoreseña de Sherlock from Mario Aguila on Vimeo.


Sesión Sherlock from Mario Aguila on Vimeo.

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