22 sep. 2006

18FL - Ferrocarriles al Paraíso, en castellano

He empezado a traducir este juego, de la saga de juegos de ferrocarriles 18XX.
Se supone es una de las versiones más asequibles para un novato.
Espero tenerlo listo en setiembre.
Ver avance aquí.

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Anónimo dijo...

I can only read Spanish with some difficulty, but you have done a fine job insofar as I can tell. Your questions in the BGG forum are also excellent ones, and the answers other have given you are correct.

One thing you may not have realized is that station tokens block routes even if the companies are not active, so in your "Jax-to-Jax" example, the SOU could not have gone beyond Southern Jax even if it were legal to run twice to the same hex.

Feel free to ask me any questions directly, though, as I say, others have done fine so far. I have left my email for you in the web page field.